How to Add Picasa Albums to Your WordPress Site in Under 2 Minutes

By February 19, 2014 Web Design 3 Comments

Recently, we had a lot of questions on adding Picasa Photo Albums on a WordPress post or page. Today I want to show you a very simple way to add pictures to your website using the Picasa and Google Plus Express plugin.

Let’s get started.

1) Login & install the plugin.

Login to your WordPress dashboard. Head right to plugins and install the Picasa and Google Plus Express via upload or search for it and install it that way. Activate it.

2) Edit your Plugin settings

I kept the default settings for how the albums and pictures are displayed, I just setup my user (which is the gmail address associated with the pictures) and granted the plugin access to my private albums. Important note, you need to be logged in with this account to give permission.

Installation settings for Picasa and Google Plus Express plugin

The only other thing you might want to change off the bat is the advertising option, which is at the bottom, check or uncheck as you see fit.Options to help advertise the plugin

3) Open your page or post

Go to Posts (or Pages) and find the post (or page) you want to add a picture gallery to, or create a new page/post.  For this example we are making a new post.

Adding Google Plus albums into a WordPress Post

Options to help advertise the plugin

4) Add the Picasa Album

Once the post (or page) is opened, click on the rainbow-colored icon (see above), which will open the Picasa and Google Plus Express plugin dialog window. The window that pops up should look like the one below. If there are no albums there, there will be a “change user” button (where the red arrow is).

Choose the albums or pictures that you want to put into the post

If you want to add an entire album, first click on “album” (blue arrow). After clicking on “Album” that button will change to “shortcode”.  Then you simply click on the album you want to insert. The pop-up window will disappear and the shortcode will appear in the “visual” area of the page or post you are editing, see below.

Alternatively, if you don’t want the whole album but only certain pics, first click on that album, then click on the pictures you want to display, and then insert.  The popup window will disappear and the shortcode will appear.

You can add whatever text you would like before the short code by simply writing before or after the [] brackets.

That’s it, pretty simple right?

5) Update your post / page

Make sure you save your work by hitting save draft, update or publish.  Then click “View Page” if you published it or “Preview” to see what it looks like.  Enjoy!

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