Here are the most important concrete ways Inbound Marketing will impact your bottom line:

It is an investment, not an added cost. – Your content that gets you ranked in Google’s organic search results and you’ll be there until somebody displaces you by providing better content with more authority. Compare this to buying pay-per-click advertising where the value is gone as soon as you stop paying for it.
It has a much higher conversion rate.– Old techniques such as mass email campaigns, cold-calling, or mass mailings have very limited way of targeting your audience. Instead, with Inbound Marketing, you only approach hot leads because they have already demonstrated an interest in your product.
It is less expensive. – Traditional marketing methods are very expensive; whether its renting a space at a trade show, producing a TV ad, buying ad space in a newspaper, or buying email lists. This new inbound approach is all about creating great quality content and then sharing it.
It shows proven Return on Investment (ROI). This methodology bundles with the right tools allow you to exactly track and measure the success of all of your inbound marketing efforts. This means you can adapt quickly and use your marketing dollar more efficiently.
It can reduce internal costs. On average, 60% of the sales process is already completed by the time the customer contacts the sales team. Since the customer gets a lot of his or her questions answered, the sales team has a much easier time selling.
It increases sales. The process of Inbound Marketing centers around a buyer persona. Whenever you market something specific to a type of buyer, you can use their language and overcome specific hesitations they might have.
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