What Does Your Ideal Customer Look Like?

Gingerbread Man Couple visualizing the buyer persona concept.

How would he or she look like? What does she do in her spare time? Does he have kids? What bugs them when they come to work every day and how do they address those issues?

Well, let me introduce you to your Buyer Persona.

A buyer persona is a central concept in Inbound Marketing.

Everything we do to attract strangers, and turn them into leads, convert them into customers and lastly promoters has the buyer’s persona in mind. Every piece of content was specifically written with one ideal customer or prospect in mind to create a 1:1 relationship. The way we engage with our fans and followers on social media is driven by how our customer person uses social networks.

But what exactly is a Buyer Persona?

A buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on real data and some select educated speculation about customer demographics, behavioral patterns, motivations and goals. – HubSpot.

So, in essence, we are not portraying one particular customer, they are not just target markets or people with a certain job title. Buyer personals share:

  • Common behavior pattern
  • Particular pain points
  • Goals, wishes or dreams
  • and a general common demographic and some biographical information

Buyer Persona 1- Marketing Mary

Why Your Organization Needs A Buyer Persona

Most organizations actually have 3-5 customer personas, but you should always define your primary one and then prioritize your marketing efforts about it first.

There are many benefits to define a buyer persona and implement your marketing strategy around them:

  • Know customer needs. It gives you a clearer understanding of who you are marketing to, what drives them and what their needs are.
  • Targeted communication. People are sick of being bombarded with general messages. By knowing who you are speaking with, you can target your communication much better.
  • Increase leads and conversion. By having targeted landing pages, you can address one need at a time and increase your lead generation and conversion significantly.
  • Better customer relationships. It lets you build and nurture buyer relationships to turn leads into happy customers and engaged promoters.
  • Market across marketing channels. You can build marketing campaigns around your buyer personas and analyze them more clearly. Monitoring and reporting across several marketing channels become more effective.
  • Be more efficient. If you have a target and you can prioritize, you can also eliminate some marketing tools and costs that cluttered up your work stream. For example: Why waste your time with a social media platform that your ideal customer is not using?

Ready to get started on your buyer persona?