Hannah Eisenberg Becomes A Certified Content Marketer with AWAI and Copyblogger

I finally have it, my shiny new badge. I am officially a Certified Content Marketer!


According to the Content Marketing Institute, companies investing one third of their entire marketing budget in content marketing. That number is huge if you think about it. The other two thirds have to pay for all outbound marketing, SEO, etc. And this number will only increase in the next years.

However, only half of the marketers find they are effective in content marketing.

There are many quality resources out there, but not many content marketer certification courses that require substantial work and is worth something.

That is why I chose the Copyblogger Certification Course – which is not accepting any new members at this moment. It is a 4 week advanced content strategy course taught by Copyblogger’s CEO Brian Clark, in partnership with AWAI (American Writers & Artists Inc).

The course is broken up in 8 sections. Each lesson includes audio, video and PDF files as well as worksheets and get released as you progress through the course.

After you worked through all the materials, reviewed and studied it, you can submit your materials (an audience attraction article, a persuasive email message, a persuasive landing page and a professional About Page).

Each of the applications was reviewed by one of the amazing Copyblogger staff who had a 100 point rating scale to decide what made the cut.

The best content marketers will be recommended on Copyblogger’s website.

I did pass and I am very happy about it!

Click here to download the 3P Creative Case Study here

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