Head Start Inbound Marketing Package for Small BusinessesDo you have 10 hours a week to dedicate to marketing that your strangers, prospects, and customers will love?

Wish you could use HubSpot but don’t have the resources to get on board?

HubSpot Support can only take you so far when it comes to getting your business up and running with their marketing platform. We will take you the rest of the way and set you up for success!

We give you a head start!

Getting started with HubSpot can feel like drinking from a fire hose. There are so many thing to learn, set up and configure – it can become very quickly overwhelming! And we know, we have been there!

That is why we want to give you a heads start and get you up and running as fast and as best as possible so you are on your road to marketing success!

Project Management

Starting on HubSpot literally comes with hundreds of to-dos. We organize them in a project management tool, assign them to the responsible member of your or our team with a due date. So everyone knows what is expected and how much progress we are making.

HubSpot Learning

You and possibly other team members will have to learn how to use the tools and how to get the most out of Inbound Marketing so you are ready to go when we hand over.

We enable you to learn in a safe environment while we take care of the heavy lifting.

HubSpot Tools Setup

Once you signed up, HubSpot will migrate your website onto their Content Optimization System. After that we will perform some initial keyword research, enter them into the keyword tool and set up your blog, your social media tool, and your competitor tool.

We will also perform on-page search engine optimization, which means we will go through each of your website’s pages and optimize them for one target keyword each. This includes everything from the copy on your page to the meta title, meta description, images, and URL.

After we set up the keyword tool and the competitor tool, you can keep an eye on your competition as well.

Lead Generation Set Up

We will help you develop your buyer personas, the representation of your ideal customer. This includes the research, presentation and set up in the tool of up to 2 buyer personas.

After that we will work with you to develop branded templates for your emails, landing pages and thank you pages.

Social Media & Content

Once you are all set up in HubSpot we will optimize your social media accounts. We will design and optimize for you up to 3 social media account, for example we will provide you with a custom Facebook Timeline Cover and Profile, a Twitter Profile Page including Avatar and Cover Image as well as an optimized Google+ Profile.

Now you are ready to generate some traffic. We will provide you with a detailed content map for 3 months. This means 24 blog post headlines per month, suggestions for 2 premium content pieces and we will perform a thorough content audit to identify gaps in your content on your website.