Outsource Your Entire Inbound Marketing

Let us handle your entire inbound marketing — from the buyer persona definition, the crafting of an effective inbound marketing game plan (strategy), to the monthly execution!

What is included and subsequently the required investment greatly depends on your marketing goals, the frequency of marketing activities and your niche. However, here is what you can expect:

  • Inbound Marketing Game Plan (including Buyer Persona Definition)
  • Foundation Component — consistent blogging, social media management and other activities that will help you reach your long-term marketing goals
  • Short-term Campaigns — quarterly, bi-monthly, or monthly campaigns to promote your premium content offers (e.g., eBooks, webinars, white papers, toolkits and more)
  • Account management and reporting

Let’s talk about your marketing goals and how inbound marketing can help you reach them!

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Inbound Marketing Strategy
Inbound Marketing Strategy

Inbound Strategy: Your Game Plan For Inbound Success

Behind every successful inbound marketing program stands a well thought out Inbound Marketing strategy. Think of your inbound marketing efforts as building a house. You need an architectural blueprint and an engineering approval before even placing the first stone or pouring the foundation. Without it, you will just start building randomly. You are setting yourself up for failure and risking wasting a lot of money, resources, and time.

The game plan is so essential to the success of our work that we will run through a 30-60 day assessment period at the beginning of each retainer. This initial evaluation and strategy phase allows us to get a detailed and objective snapshot of your business, the landscape you operate in, your lead pipeline, your marketing efforts, and your website from the outside — saving you money later in the process.

You can expect a detailed 60-day assessment that will evaluate:

    • Website traffic analysis
    • Content structure and
    • Website design
    • Current social media efforts
    • Email marketing
    • Lead nurturing tools
    • What your competition is doing
    • ….. and much more

Our strategy consulting program allows us to identify gaps in your current efforts, set priorities, define next steps and develop actionable deliverables that will put your team on track to meet your business goals.

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Content Creation & Content Marketing

Content Marketing is an integral part of Inbound Marketing with outstanding content being what fuels the inbound fire.

To truly be successful, it isn’t enough to write a 500-word post and share it on social media.

Companies that have been successful with Inbound Marketing are developing strategic pieces of content that are targeted for specific buyer personas, written to align with where they are at in their buyer’s journey, optimized for keywords, etc. Strong content is personal, informative and valuable to your prospects. It educates without selling.

Our team of trained and experienced copywriters, bloggers, and content marketers will create:

  • Targeted blog posts
  • Premium content pieces
  • Website content
  • Landing page copy
  • Webinars
  • Videos
  • Podcasts and other exciting content

Establish your brand as a trusted advisor in your industry while building a loyal audience that will not only listen, but also share what you have to say.

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Content Marketing
Inbound Marketing Strategy

Social Media Marketing

Social media is a powerful piece of any successful Inbound Marketing campaign. Beyond Your social media networks connecting you to your current customers and a community of industry peers, each network is a new channel for you to share your brand’s content.

When done right, social media will solidify your company as a thought leader, make you more accessible to potential clients, act as a lead generation tool and drive traffic to your website. When done incorrectly, social media can be damaging to any brand.

What You Can Expect:

  • Updated cover images
  • Edit “About” pages
  • Daily social media posts
  • Regular social media monitoring
  • Monthly reporting on followers and leads

Our Google+, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Houzz social media management service is a great way to get started the right way, and do it fast. Let us help you develop a strategic social media strategy.

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