For 60 days we examine your website traffic & structure, audit your existing content, comb through your marketing initiatives, your lead pipeline and your competitive landscape to provide you with a detailed and objective snapshot of your business.

Untitled design (15)This will not only be an invaluable tool for you to examine the success of current marketing spend but also make future marketing initiatives more efficient and effective as you can build on our extensive research.

This comprehensive inbound marketing game plan which will help you:

  • Clearly define your brand and differentiate it from your competition
  • Audit your content, identify gaps and opportunities and develop a content-driven website
  • Look at the impact of your business on all audiences (strangers, prospects, clients, competitors, employees, public, etc.)
  • Establish smart campaign goals based on your overall business goals
  • Plan out the overall budget and adjust it to most effectively drive your business goals
  • Define campaign timelines including milestones, tasks and team members
  • Build a framework to measure your marketing return on investment (ROI)

The 60 Day Inbound Marketing Assessment & Game Plan Report includes:

  • A comprehensive PDF Report and Presentation in 60 days or less
  • Including a complete review and actionable recommendations for your marketing strategy, website, SEO, social media, content marketing, lead generation, sales pipeline management, marketing automation and CRM integration
  • Step by step action plan and budget outline for implementing your inbound marketing strategy
  • Content Marketing Blueprint mapping out blog post topics, for three months as well as suggestions for premium content