C-Level Management Will No Longer Pay For Marketing Without Proven Return-on-Investment (ROI)

Here is the scary news: C-Level Management will not tolerate any marketing initiatives that do not show a return on investment because they are fed up spending obscene amounts of money on traditional outbound initiatives like print or direct mail or paying for email lists filled with unqualified leads without actually knowing how it contributes to the bottom line!

Inbound Marketing Can Prove ROI & Is More Effective Than Traditional Marketing

Inbound Marketing is different. Not only can you tie back each dollar spent to the results achieved, is also achieves better results than traditional marketing: On average inbound marketing activities fill your sales pipeline with 54% more (and better qualified) leads than outbound marketing!

But it does not only generates more and better leads, it creates a better user experience for prospects and customers! Instead of interrupting what people are interested in with advertisements they rather tune out, companies create content that people are looking forward to consuming! They do so by creating content and assets that align with their prospect’s interests and needs to organically attract them to your website. 

For over 10 years, inbound marketing has proven to be the most effective marketing method for doing business online. In fact, 3 out of 4 marketers worldwide is embracing it – so it is likely that your competition is too.

Be There When Your Prospects Are Searching

Before making a purchase, every potential customer will go through an active research process, called the buyer’s journey.

Studies have shown, that 81% of those potential customers are doing that research online. The scary part is, the average customer will get through 70% of that research and decision-making process before ever talking to a salesperson!

Inbound marketing enables you to reach those potential customers during their buyer’s journey from the time you attract them to your website, convert them into leads, to the time you close them as a customer and continue to delight them until they become promoters for your business.

Inbound Marketing Strategy


Set yourself up for success with an innovative, creative and effective Inbound Marketing strategy and game plan!


Attract Strangers

Use blogging, social media, website content, and search engine optimization to attract strangers to your website!


Convert Leads

Generate lots of high-quality leads by offering premium content offers that align with their needs and wants!


Close Customers

Once your nurtured leads are ready to buy, close them using marketing automation and inbound sales!


Delight & Retain

Delight your existing customers with smart content, social media and more thus increasing retention and referrals.

Inbound Marketing ROI

ROI Reporting

Know which channels or campaigns generated the most leads and customers — and which didn’t.

Check Out Our Inbound Marketing Services

Want to start with Inbound Marketing but don’t know where to start? No problem — we can help. 3P Creative Group is an award-winning Inbound Marketing agency that helps businesses transform and grow!

Check Out Inbound Marketing Services

Hubspot Marketing Automation

World’s #1 Marketing Platform

3P Creative Group has partnered with the world’s leading marketing platform provider, HubSpot, to ensure the maximum results from your inbound marketing efforts.

Inbound Marketing is not per se tied to any particular tool, but studies have shown that companies who use HubSpot are more efficient. For example companies using the software saw an increase in organic (non-paid) traffic by 590%, compared to businesses without HubSpot (traffic increase of 170%).

Almost every one of our clients uses HubSpot. So, you could say that we are HubSpot experts in getting the most out of the software for you.

Help Me Set Up My HubSpot!

Growth-Driven Design For Tangible Business Results

How do you know that the website you are about to launch will perform at its maximum potential? Well, the truth is, you don’t. Traditionally built websites are the best guess of what we think will work, but since they are not based on real user feedback, we are just guessing. We help you optimize your website for different buyer personas, devices, and of course search engines.

Our innovative approach to web design, called Growth-Driven Design, turns the traditional web design process on its head by quickly developing a launchpad site and constantly improving it based on what your real website visitors really want, look for and need!

Of course, we also help you optimize your website for different buyer personas, devices, and of course search engines. We can even adjust your website to react differently based on who visits it (lead, customer, stranger, etc.), from what country, what language they speak and what device they are using.