You know, just any traffic to your website won’t do.

You need to attract the right kind of visitors – and more of them.

By using proven and effective inbound marketing methods, you can not only increase the amount of visitors that come organically (through searching, not by paying for advertisement) to your website but also improve the quality of those visitors.

According to HubSpot, most companies see significant traffic improvements after 7 months, almost all after 12 months.

Traffic created by inbound marketing efforts is highly interested in the products and services you have to offer as you are addressing their problem – offering education and information to gently move them through the sales process.

Why is Inbound Marketing so effective?

When used as a holistic approach of keyword research, search engine optimization, blogging, social media management and other content marketing methods to increase your visibility for what your prospects are searching for.

Inbound Marketing in the Attract Phase comprises of:

  • Buyer Persona Definition & Development
  • Keyword research
  • Content Audit & Content Blueprint
  • Editorial Calendar
  • Professionally written and SEO optimized blog posts
  • Blog post promotion
  • Social Media Engagement & Growth
  • Ongoing on-page SEO optimization & content updates
  • Monthly Progress Assessment & Analysis

Key Benefits:

  • A continuous stream of targeted content tailored to your buyer persona (your ideal customer)
  • Promoting of content by reaching out to industry leaders and multipliers to extend the reach of your content
  • Long-term savings as need for paid advertisement decreases
  • And of course more highly-qualified leads!