If your check engine light goes on in your car, you make sure to bring it to a competent mechanic to get it diagnosed and fixed! Why would you not do the same with your website? Our SEO Audit is basically the check engine light that diagnoses problems on your website that could put you in danger of being downgraded or even black-listed by Google or other search engines.

SEO scan of your website can diagnosis potential problems

We use market leading SEO software to create a custom report for your website.

Unlike free reports that you can pull off random sites on the internet, we will crawl your website with our market leading SEO tool and audit it for errors that might prevent Google from reading your site properly, which can downgrade your search ranking.

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The website SEO audit will include:

  • Information to improve user experience by identifying visibility issues such as broken links and dead pages
  • Tests if your website is indexable by search engines or if they are blocked by robots.txt or other issues
  • Warning signs if your website is at risk to be penalized by Google for weak or thin content (Google Panda Update)
  • Analysis of backlinks for quality and quantity (Google Penguin Update)
  • Identifies high performing pages as well as drop off points that need to be optimized
  • and so much more…