Our Background

Our StoryOrganic SEO Press was founded by a husband / wife team who is truly passionate about farming and sustainability. Growing up in Germany, Hannah comes from 3 generations of farmers. She studied computer science and marketing and worked at SAP, one of the largest software companies in the world for 10 years in marketing and was an active part in their sustainability initiative.

The reason for our  hard work and dedication to farms and agritourism is that we would like to help create a better world for our little, adorable pumpkins.

We founded Organic SEO Press (as you can guess by the name) as an SEO firm because being found on Google and other search engines is the foundation of all online marketing.

But that alone does not provide you with any value if visitors are confused by your website, provide helpful content, or you cannot capture their information to nurture them.

We started to look for a partner that aligned with our core values that would allow us to focus on change the way businesses approach marketing by helping instead of pitching and by aligning their content and communication with their core values. And that is why we became a HubSpot Certified Partner Agency.

We strongly believe that Inbound Marketing has the ability to:

  • Give you leverage to achieve greatness
  • Enable you to out-think, out-teach and out-help your competitors
  • Build your expandable core
  • Protect you from competition as well as from innovative disruptions
  • Attract the clients you want and that share the same basic values with you
  • Empower your employees and customers alike
  • Change the way to sell by helping instead of pitching