Cliff Young - Inbound Marketing, SEO

Cliff Young Ltd. is a high-end custom furniture design firm in New York, NY. For more than 45 years, the company designs, manufactures and sells extraordinary furniture collections that combine beautiful craftsmanship with modern luxury. It markets to affluent consumers as well as to interior designers.

Leslie Young and her marketing VP Iliada Bass approached us while in the middle of a website redesign in order to successfully launch and market their website.

Organic SEO Press consulted throughout the finalization of the web design process (including for example aspects of usability, navigation, structure, and SEO friendliness), the content of the website (ensuring that all products are given a proper title, description, meta title, meta description, alt img tags for all images and making them pinable) and search engine optimization (for example schema markup, broken links, backlinks, hidden code, etc.).

As to marketing the website, Organic SEO Press has revitalized Cliff Young’s blogging efforts as well as their social media presence.

Within the past 5 months we were able to not only double Cliff Young’s organic traffic but also grew the firm’s social media following by 55% on average.