The new website offers a clean and streamlined layout for parents, head of schools, teachers, donors and other interested stakeholders. It also is a crucial hub of information, what the Montessori method of teaching is and how you can integrate the Jewish aspect without losing the authenticity of what Dr. Maria Montessori defined as the best way to teach our children how to love learning.

Now, schools can become members online through a Gravity Form. Once, a lead submits a form, the head of the JMS is able to gain valuable lead intelligence by leveraging the super powers of smart marketing tools.

The organization also is working with Organic SEO Press to improve its social media reach as well as starting a blog. For that, we are putting together an editorial calendar for 2015.

For the conference, Organic SEO Press wrote a landing page and integrated Eventbrite with WordPress.

About Jewish Montessori Society

The Jewish Montessori Society is a non-profit that brings together Jewish schools, parents, teachers and other stakeholders interested in Montessori. Members can receive consulting on becoming a Montessori school, parents can find a Montessori school for their children or even get in touch on how to start one themselves. The job board enables teachers, administrative staff as well as schools connect. The Jewish Montessori Society also just held their first annual conference – and Organic SEO Press was able to launch it with a new website.