Sew Adorable Fabrics New Website

Sew Adorable Fabrics is a growing, very ambitious online store for modern quilting and sewing fabric for babies and kids. It started in March 2013 from zero. The purely online business needed a great website showcasing the brand identity of the company. It needed to include a WordPress shopping cart, newsletter sign up form and information about the policies, FAQ’s etc. In addition, Organic SEO Press needed to transfer the blog from to the new WordPress website.

However, it quickly became apparent that Etsy was the way to get this store up and running quickly. So 3P Creative Group (formerly Organic SEO Press) integrated the Sew Adorable Fabrics Etsy store using the Etsy Pro Plugin from Fairground Media on category pages showing off each Etsy store category in a separate page.

When clicking on a specific product, the visitor can see all the available product information as well as additional images. Only when the visitor wants to purchase the item, she leaves the website and will be taken to the Etsy store. This means, more time is spent on the Sew Adorable Fabrics website and not on Etsy, where competition is one click away. The Etsy Mini was integrated on the homepage of the website.

The first month, they had 1 sale! A Riley Blake fat quarter bundle. After that, we worked hard on optimizing the technical foundation of the website and a little organic SEO to rank in this competitive market. The rest was content marketing.

The creative owner spent six months creating tutorials, sewing patterns and other blog posts to offer visitors great and unique content. She used social media as an outlet for her content marketing efforts and saw tremendous responses.

Now, she has almost 4,500 Facebook fans and the business has several hundreds of visitors a day on their website as well as several hundred orders per month.