Yup, that $419,000 got my attention too! Imagine, investing a day’s worth of work and $300, and you get $419,000 in revenue from it. This is crazy, right? Well, that is what one company did with a quiz! That one quiz I am talking about generated almost half a million dollars!

I know, you probably think quizzes are just for fun. But quizzes are great lead generation tools and before you turn around and leave, hear me out. I promise I will make it short.

Quizzes are so much more that just a fun way to find out what state you should actually live in but will never move to (Massachusetts) or what Disney princess I should but will never be (Jasmine). Nevermind the five minutes I just wasted to find that out only to share it on Facebook.

But before we go there, let’s have a look at what makes them so irresistible.

What Makes Quizzes So Impossible To Resist?

If you have ever tried to convince people to take a survey, you know trying to get people to complete it comes close to begging. You offer respondents rewards, prizes, and vow to only take up 8 minutes and 52 seconds of their valuable time. And still no one will bite. That is because surveys are one-way streets. The respondents give, the survey takes. Finito.

Quizzes, however, have a magical quality about them that most people take it rather than ignore it – without even any nudging.

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The reason for our passionate love for quizzes is their interactive and nourishing nature. Quizzes are a two-way communication: Instead of only sharing something, the user is learning new exciting things about themselves or a topic of interest.

But while these are entertaining, you have a business to run, a product to market or a brand to build. So, why waste your energy on quizzes?

Quizzes As A Lead Generation Tool

The answer is simple: Because quizzes are a lot more than a silly pastime. If done right, they are a secret weapon in any content marketers tool belt because they are highly converting! According to BuzzSumo, 81% of quizzes started will be completed, and 5% will convert by subscribing to a newsletter, downloading a coupon or clicking on a link to a landing page.

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But usually, when we think of quizzes we think of BuzzFeed, Playbuzz, and Disney – but not of lead generation tools for a boring industry… let’s say¬†optometry.

The “Boring” Quiz That Generated More Than $419,000 To Date

Last year, a very smart person at Zenni Optical sat down for a day to create a 9-question quiz “You Have Been Framed“. Using a modern quiz building app called Qzzr, the process was pretty straightforward. Give it a cute title, define some clever outcomes, ask nine questions and provide possible answers.

As simple as it was, it was also ingenious because it hit on a major pain point: it give people a simple tool to decide which glasses would suit their face form and personality. The person who takes the quiz will find a link to to product page once they have taken the quiz and determined cat-eye shaped glasses would suit them best. And that was the single most important reason this quiz is so successful! Not the design and the best practices about using images, etc. – which are all there. But that this quiz hit the exact pain point their buyer persona was struggling with.

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A few months later, this quiz has been taken by almost half a million people and generated more than $419,000 in revenue so far. The company is not even promoting the quiz anymore. It just sits on their website and generates revenue every day…

Did you ever use quizzes as part of your content marketing strategy?

How did it go? What results did you achieve? We would love to hear your experiences in the comments.

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