Marketing & Sales Alignment Workshop

Looking for a way to get everyone in your company — from the receptionist to the old-fashion “Always-Be-Closing” sales guy — on board with inbound marketing?

Research has shown that the average sales team does not use more than 90% of the material the marketing produces. It’s not surprising that companies who use inbound marketing and inbound sales are much more efficient in attracting, converting, and closing prospects into leads than businesses who don’t.

This one-day, in-house workshop is your ticket to changing that!

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Marketing and Sales Alignment Workshop

Inbound Training For Marketing Teams

Three out of four marketers around the world do some form of inbound marketing — but only a very small percentage feel they are very effective at it.

Book this workshop and take you entire team from inbound marketing novice to Jedi in just one short day!

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Inbound Sales Training

You know the old saying “If you’re not dialing, I’m not smiling?” Well, those days are long over! The buying behavior has changed and with the buyer being more in control, salespeople have to work harder to gain trust and the permission to even sell. 

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Inbound Sales Training
Buyer Persona Intensive Workshop

Buyer Persona Intensive Workshop

Are you attracting “garbage” leads or prospects that are interested in your solution but cannot afford it? That’s a tell-tale sign of poor buyer persona definition!

Spend one day sharpening your buyer personas and you walk away with a detailed understanding of who you should (and should not) target in your marketing efforts and how to hone your messaging to show your ideal customers you understand their problems and offer a solution that meets their needs.

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HubSpot Intensive Training

New to HubSpot? No problem! We will get you and your team up and running in no time. Learn from a HubSpot Impact Award-winning agency how to get the most out of your new marketing automation tool and learn inbound marketing best practices along the way!

We will show you how to get set up, fine-tune your content settings and reporting configurations before diving into each HubSpot tool the way you would set up a campaign. Depending on your level of internal inbound marketing skills, we will also teach you the fundamentals of inbound marketing or if you are more advanced go deeper into lead nurturing, workflows and other more advanced tools.

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HubSpot Intensive Training

Ask Us About Custom Inbound Marketing Workshops!

Looking for a custom-tailored workshop that will meet the needs of your individual organization?

Please contact us and we are happy to build a training or workshop just for you.